Machandel’s biodynamic view doesn’t end with our products. It also determines our work method and the way we treat the world around us. There’s nothing woolly about our reasoning; it simply means that we want to do business with dedication and care. At our factory, we have a constant investment programme to be able to meet the market demand. To maintain our lead in terms of food safety regulations, our quality department is leading in each expansion or change in the production process. Furthermore, we listen closely to valuable suggestions from our suppliers and consumers. Because we believe that in the end, collaboration based on equality and trust yields the best results. Machandel therefore strives toward long-lasting commitments with like-minded companies so that we can keep learning from each other.


Product development


We have something to offer on our side as well. With our flexible production lines, we produce over 200 different biodynamic and organic products throughout the seasons, under our own brand and for third parties. The product development department permanently works on new foods and improved applications of existing products. We are also always interested in our consumers’ wishes and ideas. With our knowledge, experience and resources and valuable input from customers, we can further expand our biodynamic and organic product range and bring it to a higher level.


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Machandel does business with dedication and care