Biodynamic products straight from the ground, into glass jars

Machandel has made biodynamic jarred goods for over thirty years. We do that our way: in close collaboration with our growers and with care for our consumers. This results in healthy, delicious and fair products.

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Our story

Machandel was founded back in 1978. As a family business, we hold on to the values that brought us success.





    Our certificates

Impartial product assessment in the form of certifications including Demeter and EKO are a must. Our certificates include:

The business marketMachandel produces under its own brand name as well as for private labels of business partners. Our own assortment consists of more than four hundred biodynamic and organic products in various food categories. We process all imaginable vegetables and beans. We produce peanut and nut butters, sauces, and soups.

We develop, produce and distribute worldwide. As a reliable and steady partner, we believe in long-lasting relationships.

Business to consumer

for consumers

As an assertive consumer, you have questions about the origin of your food, its effects on the environment and the health aspects of processed food. Machandel asks those same questions. Where do our biodynamic ingredients come from? And are these grown under the conditions we require? Staying critical allows us to make products we can proudly put our name on.

Our organic products are marketed all over the world.

Business to business

for companies

Health food stores

Machandel markets its brand products via the health food stores of Demeter and EKO. It is a conscious strategy based on our way of thinking. With these health food stores, we were able to establish the organic food market over the past decades. So we continue together.

Private labels

In addition to our own brands, Machandel also makes organic products for private labels of wholesale companies. We have long-term supply contracts with them as well. So, our jarred vegetables and other products find their way to the customer under the names of our business partners as well.

The story behind Machandel
Demeter farmer Sjaak Twisk telling his story
In the next few decades, the challenge for Dutch agriculture will be to close the natural circle. Not only to combat soil depletion and the loss of biodiversity, but also to ensure the continued production of a safe and varied range of foods. Demeter’s biodynamic farmers are in the vanguard of this movement, showing exactly how it can be done. Sjaak Twisk, an arable crop farmer from the Flevopolder region, is one of the trailblazers.
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The company

Machandel was founded in 1978 and has its roots in the Frisian town of Haulerwijk. Founder Piet Glasbeek started selling biodynamic sauerkraut, flavoured with machandel, the Old Frisian word for juniper berry. Soon after, the product range was expanded to include other vegetables: pickles, red cabbage, beets and brown beans.

Trade is flourishing with the rise of health food stores. Machandel is expanding along with that trend and making a name with innovations like creamy organic mayonnaise and organic peanut butter. And now, 30 years later, Machandel has grown into a successful business with consumers from Australia to South Korea. But in all those years, one thing has remained the same: Our transparency on the origin and production process of our products.

More about Machandel’s history

Machandel has made biodynamic and organic jarred goods for over 30 years