Sustainable collaborations

Machandel gets its biodynamic and organic ingredients from all over the world, from the Flevopolder to China. We maintain contact with individual growers and agriculture cooperatives, the same way for everyone. As like-minded parties, we look each other in the eye and tell each other our story, with gestures if we have to. If there’s a good connection, we build a lasting relationship. Farmers coordinate their crops to Machandel’s wishes, and we guarantee fair prices and continuity.

Our customers

Machandel stands for pure flavour, and the purity of its biodynamic and organic products. Our customers have to be able to rely on that. We therefore try to provide as much transparency as possible on the origin of the ingredients, on processing them into products, and on our way of doing business. We support that with the certifications by organisations including Demeter and EKO, but also with clear labels on the products themselves.

Machandel guarantees fair prices and continuity