Machandel constantly works to innovate and expand its biodynamic and organic product range. Our product development department comes up with new applications and improves existing products based on new insights and our practical knowledge. As a basic principle, we opt for preserving pure flavour; we try to use as few extra ingredients as possible. For example, we were able to make our organic peanut butter a creamy treat without the use of added salt or sugar. Another Machandel innovation we are very proud of is our creamy mayonnaise: organic and egg-free.

Product development

Our product development department permanently works on new foods and improved applications of existing products, such as our new energy snack: organic peanut butter in a squeeze pouch for athletes. At Machandel, quality and flavour go hand in hand. We are always open to suppliers and consumers who feel the same way.

Our basic principle is preserving pure flavour