A jar of Machandel

Where does my food come from? What is in it? Aware consumers want to know what’s on their plate. They ask questions about the origin of their food, the effects of production methods on the environment and the health aspects of processed food. Machandel asks those same questions and acts on them.

Know what you’re eating

Open a random jar of Machandel brown beans that came right from the production line. Taste the rich flavour of slightly sweet beans that have kept their bite. A dash of sea salt helps preserve them. Beans, sea salt and the taste of freshness: that’s it. No more and no less: the product speaks for itself. In the same way, Machandel processes corn, peas, broad beans and other vegetables. No additives, and no colouring.

From the field into glass

The pure flavour requires careful preparation. With our growers, we select the right type of crop. We select the best field and track growth. The harvest is a precise process; ripeness and sturdiness determine the harvesting time, sometimes within a 24-hour window. And if the weather cooperates, the best of the field ends up in the glass jar at exactly the right time.

Clear origins

Machandel works with growers who cherish their land. Our farmers work the land biodynamically or organically; synthetic fertiliser and pesticides are taboo. That’s what we as well as our suppliers believe in, and we establish long-term commitments. With those natural ingredients, Machandel makes pure products with a clear origin.

Health food stores

The ingredients are grown and processed to create ready-made products in a careful, traditional manner. Machandel relies on these biodynamic pillars. In line with our corporate philosophy, we market our brand products through the Demeter and EKO health food store chains. That is a conscious strategy: together, we were able to establish the organic food market throughout the past decades, and we continue to do so together.

Private labels

As a brand, Machandel is exclusively available at health food stores. As an organic producer, we now also do business with wholesale companies. With our quality as our basic principle, we establish long-lasting supply commitments and our jarred vegetables, peanut butter, ketchup and mayonnaise find their way to the customer under the names of the supermarket chains.

Assertive consumers want to know what’s on their plate