About us

Machandel has made biodynamic and organic jarred goods for over thirty years. Founder Piet Glasbeek started the company in 1978 in the shed of the farm in Haulerwijk. The Frisian town is still the home base of the family business, though the factory is now located at the industrial park. Today, Machandel works with the most advanced production techniques, though the company’s core values have remained the same throughout the years. Machandel stands for transparency, fair prices, and accountability towards growers and consumers.

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Our product range

Machandel produces under its own brand name and for business partners’ private labels. Our own product range includes over 200 biodynamic and organic products in various food categories. We process all kinds of vegetables. We produce sauces, soups, nut pastes and smoothies. And we also make organic peanut butter, ketchup and mayonnaise.

An overview of our products

What is on your plate?

Machandel mainly works with biodynamic ingredients. We use organic crops in all other cases. We seek out farmers who work their land in a traditional manner while looking out for the environment. We establish long-term ties with them based on mutual respect. That way, we make natural products together, with a clear origin: fresh, healthy and delicious.

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Machandel has made biodynamic and organic jarred goods for over 30 years