From field to consumer

What is important to Machandel? “With food, it’s all about transparency and accountability. Openness on the origin and production process of our products. Fair prices for the farmers we work with. And accountability to consumers and the people who work for you.”, according to Piet Glasbeek.

From the outset of the business, Machandel has built a network of familiar suppliers. We get our biodynamic materials straight from the farmers; we make agreements on the field itself. Together, we discuss quality and delivery. Machandel works based on sustainable relationships - if the farmer and the company are a good fit, we make open-ended commitments. Because like Machandel itself, our growers benefit from continuity. Throughout the seasons, we can closely coordinate our processing to the supply; the farmers receive compensation that provides them with livelihood security.

Planting and harvesting

Prior to the biodynamic cultivation, Machandel and the farmers discuss the seeding schedules for the upcoming growing seasons and the year after that. We calculate the harvest and guarantee the purchase. That security enables the farmers to select the best fields so as to avoid soil depletion. Once they have been sown, nature takes over, and makes the final decision over what becomes of our expectations. Sometimes we have a good outcome; other times we are disappointed. That’s the way it is.

From the field to jarred goods

In our production lines in Haulerwijk, we process the pure ingredients. And you can taste it: the natural flavour is retained. In general, we preserve the product with sea salt, or with biodynamic or organic herbs and spices in cases of specific products. We produce our peanut butter and other nut products in a separate factory hall to contain allergens. From Haulerwijk, our products go to health food stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

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We process pure vegetables