The biodynamic method


In principle, Machandel works with biodynamic ingredients. Demeter farmers cherish their fields, the essential condition for healthy and tasty food. They naturally stimulate the growth processes, without the use of pesticides or fertiliser. The Demeter certification for biodynamic agriculture guarantees quality, health and dedication to our living environment. Our farmers work with a form of stewardship enabling Machandel to continue to produce sustainable food.

Though Machandel is striving toward fully biodynamic production, it remains a dream for the future. Material shortages are therefore supplemented with organic ingredients, which we see as second best. The labels on our products clearly indicate their origin.

Sustainable: in is in

Machandel itself also strives toward sustainability as much as possible. We generate our own energy and recycle the water we use in our production processes. We believe sustainability is also about people. In terms of business, as well as within the walls of the factory. With their knowledge and dedication, our employees form the capital of Machandel and we take good care of them. Like our suppliers and consumers, for our employees we also say: who’s in, stays in.

Demeter farmers cherish their land