Machandel organic vegetables

<p>Machandel&rsquo;s organic vegetables are quality products. Our product range includes corn, beans, peas and red beets. These are all organically grown, and some of these products are available in Demeter quality. Our jars contain nothing else but vegetables, water and a bit of salt. The organic vegetables come fresh from the field and we keep them as pure as possible. That is why we don&rsquo;t add anything that doesn&rsquo;t belong in there.</p> <h2>Dutch organic vegetables in jars</h2> <p>Many of our vegetables come right from the Dutch polder. Grown by farmers we have known for over 30 years. Long-standing relationships are very important to us. That is how we get stable, reliable products in our jars, of which we know for sure they taste delicious. In the month of November, we work with the farmers to make seeding schedules for the upcoming year. We determine things like which seeds are to be planted, where they are to be planted and the expected harvest. Everything is done in consultation with the farmers, but also with the customers, because then we know for sure that the products are sold so we won&rsquo;t have to throw anything away. And that&rsquo;s another great result of such a sustainable relationship.</p> <h2>Pure and organic quality</h2> <p>What do you get from that? The best vegetables. As soon as the vegetables come in, they are washed, cut if necessary, blanched and then they are put in jars to keep the vegetables nice and fresh. In addition to vegetables in jars, our product range also includes organic salads. This category contains salads like carrot salad, lentil salad and poesta salad. Freshly cut vegetables, a bit of water, vinegar, sea salt and high-fructose corn syrup serve as the base for these delicious, organic salads. Thanks to our optimised production lines and the best blanchers, we like to offer you a product that is pure and organic, and tastes delicious to boot.</p>