Machandel organic legumes

<p>The category of organic legumes contains brown beans, kidney beans and white beans. It also contains black beans, chick peas and lentils. The recipe is simple: vegetables, water and a pinch of salt. That’s all our organic vegetables need to taste great.</p> <h2>Organic agriculture</h2> <p>Organic legumes also include kidney beans. These are from China, from the largest Chinese company that produces organic materials. We have worked with them for over 30 years. We go to China every year to check the quality of the beans. We also look at other things, apart from the products. For example, this supplier helps farmers with their crop irrigation. For us, that is also a good sign of organic agriculture. The white beans come from Egypt and South France, where they are grown biodynamically.</p> <h2>We check the quality ourselves</h2> <p>During harvesting season, we visit the French farmers every month to see whether the beans are of good quality. In the south of France, there is a 2500-hectare field where not only beans but also lentils and chick peas are grown. We also get that last category of organic legumes from Sicily. With all our suppliers and farmers, we also like to discuss crop rotation, before the soil is exhausted. Planting the same beans in the same soil every year is not very good for the earth. Rotating the crops in a healthy manner keeps the soil in optimal condition for producing the best organic legumes.</p>