Machandel Puree: 100% organic fruit

<p>Our fruit puree product category has various fruit purees with apple. We have the flavours apple/apricot, apple/banana, apple/mango and cranberry/apple. That last one is unique in the Netherlands. Machandel is the only company in the entire country to offer organic cranberry/apple puree. To make all these purees, we use only the best organic fruit and nothing else. Our purees are therefore 100% fruit.</p> <h2>Biodynamically grown apples</h2> <p>The apples we use for our organic purees are very fresh. They are grown biodynamically in a biodynamic orchard at Augustine in Germany, which we have worked with for 10 years. They understand exactly what we need to make a nice, fresh puree. They therefore provide us a mix of red and green apples. That enables us to make the perfect puree flavour that is not too sweet and not too sour.</p> <h2>Fresh, delicious puree</h2> <p>As soon as the apples come in, they are washed and steamed to make them nice and soft. Then we make them into compote. For some puree flavours, we then add another fruit compote. What we never ever add is sugar. The delicious German apples already have a sweet flavour and therefore need no extra sweeteners. And that makes for a fresh, delicious puree.</p>