Machandel soups: classics and original organic soups

<p>All of our soups are developed based on our own recipes. That&rsquo;s how we give our soups an individual, unique flavour. In the development, we always ask ourselves how we can make it as good and as delicious as possible. And that makes for the very best organic soup. Our product range contains classics like tomato soup, pea soup and brown bean soup, but also refreshing soups like gazpacho, Portuguese onion soup and minestrone.</p> <h2>Organic materials</h2> <p>Our soup is made from fresh, organic materials. For our tomato soup, we use organic tomato puree from China or biodynamic tomatoes from Spain, which can enjoy the sun 150 days a year. For our lentil squash soup, we use pink banana squash, which we have procured from our permanent biodynamic grower for over 10 years. These pink bananas are long, pink, banana-shaped squash, with yellow-orange pulp which is perfect for soup. At Machandel, we know which organic ingredients are the best for making delicious soup.</p> <h2>100% healthy</h2> <p>All vegetables we get for our soup are cut, washed and then further processed. Then we add flavouring. For our tomato soup for example, we use onion powder, ginger powder and garlic. All these ingredients are of course organic. That produces a tank of 2,000 litres of soup which we then process and put in jars, and of which we can say that it is 100% healthy.</p>