Machandel Smoothies

<p>Machandel smoothies come in delicious flavours with 100% real fruit. The flavours in our product range:</p> <ul> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Peach &amp; Strawberry&rsquo;</li> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Tropical Fruit&rsquo;</li> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Mango Passion&rsquo;</li> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Raspberry &middot; Black currant&rsquo;</li> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Blackberry &middot; Blueberry&rsquo;</li> <li>Smoothie &lsquo;Jungle Juice&rsquo;</li> </ul> <p>All these types have their own pure taste. Every smoothie contains other fruit. That is what makes every Machandel smoothie unique.</p> <h2>The yummiest organic thirst quencher</h2> <p>These smoothies taste great with breakfast, for example. But our smoothies are also fantastic thirst quenchers and easy to take with you. That makes them perfect for on the go - the bottles are small-sized and easy to carry. The smoothies are prepared with fresh, organic fruit. Tropical Fruit, for example, has banana, cherry, pineapple, orange, passionfruit juice and organic vanilla. The organic vanilla makes the smoothie velvety soft with a great sweet taste.</p>