Machandel sauces: unique flavours

<p>At Machandel, we make sauces with various organic ingredients. Barbecue sauce, whiskey sauce, cocktail sauce, pasta sauces and various types of mayonnaise are all included in our product range. Our product development department continues to improve our products. Especially our egg-free mayonnaise is a good example of how product development plays a major role at Machandel. The ketchup we sweeten with agave instead of sugar is another one of the great results of product development.</p> <h2>Machandel mayonnaise</h2> <p>The flavour is what makes our sauces unique. Machandel mayonnaise has a very special, unique flavour due to our own recipe. We have used it for 29 years, and continue to develop it further. That has led to a unique product with a particular Machandel taste. It is with good reason that mayonnaise is one of Machandel&rsquo;s most widely produced products.</p> <h2>Organic ingredients</h2> <p>All of our sauces are very soft and creamy. They are made with organic ingredients such as local eggs, sunflower oil from Southern Europe, agave from Mexico as a natural sweetener and Chinese and Spanish tomatoes. Our sauces not only come in jars, but also in handy squeeze bottles, for extra easy use. Some of the organic sauces also come in buckets for bulk purchases in the hotel and restaurant industry for example. View our product range of organic sauces.</p>