Organic nut pastes

<p>Our organic nut pastes contain various kinds of nuts, including hazelnuts, (white) almonds, cashews and mixed nuts. We also have tahini, a sesame seed paste we sell in white and brown varieties. Tahini is grown organically and following Demeter requirements. What is special about our nut pastes is that we add no extra ingredients. The pastes are made only of nuts and a bit of salt. It&rsquo;s the purest form. Nuts have their own great, rich flavour. Why add anything to that? That&rsquo;s why our nut pastes have pure flavours.</p> <h2>We use only the very best nuts</h2> <p>The nuts we use for the pastes come from all over the world. The almonds are from Barcelona, the hazelnuts are from Turkey and the cashews are from Vietnam. Only the best nuts of the highest quality are suited for our pastes. That&rsquo;s why we look not only at flavour but also at oil values. We also look at many other properties that may affect the quality, like packaging procedures and transport methods. The overall image is as important to us as the flavour of the nut.</p> <h2>Nut pastes made with craftsmanship</h2> <p>The pastes are made with our own recipe. Because we add few extra ingredients, the flavour is very important. We roast the nuts at a certain temperature for a certain time. These values are fixed for each nut paste, because they have a major influence on the flavour. The oil of the nuts makes the nut paste smooth. That is why the oil values are important. All these factors make developing the nut paste true workmanship.</p>